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Success Stories

Rebuilding the shattered lives of Congolese women & children.


Our approach is based on the concept of meaningful collaborations with others to achieve Hear Congo mission as well as support others who complement our objectives. We owe our success to strong partnerships with talented individuals, organizations, members of the private and public sector who share our vision.

We have also hosted several organizations to DR Congo such as Alfalit International, The Tree of Life Foundation International and Footprints foundation for their fact finding mission.

Our most valuable partners in this journey are the women and children who are participating wholeheartedly in these programs and understand how their transformed lives are a priceless asset to the community. Please see below some impactful projects .

Site Kenya in Lubumbashi

In 2009, Hear Congo visited a site of displaced people in Zone Kenya, Lubumbashi.   27 families were living in unimaginable conditions in a school building. These families fled the war from Eastern Congo and North Katanga regions. In early 1997 more than 500 families were occupying the camp. The government and other agencies were able to assist as many as they could however few were left behind including the families we discovered at Site Kenya. Most of them were women and children. Most of the people were ill and all the children were unschooled. 

 2009- 2010 Hear Congo supported education for 67 children and worked in collaboration with other organizations to provide food, medicine and emergency assistance.  We worked with L’Hopital de reference de la Kenya, Hispa Katanga and the department of social affairs in DR Congo .

2011 -Hear Congo worked with several organizations such as Vinmart Foundation, The Provincial Government of Katanga, The Ministry of Children, gender and families, Alfalit and the United Nations High Commission of Refugees and  Lubumbashi satellite office to assist the displaced with education for children, food for the families  and vocational training skills and employment.

2012 – Hear Congo visited the site with RODE Katanga Vice President, Mrs. Marie Laurence Mulya Sangatile . A group of RODE Katanga junior deputies mobilized several authorities around the city, the media, foreign councils in Lubumbashi , several  representatives of other organization as well as the First Lady of Katanga, Mrs. Carine Katumbi Nahayo to visit the site and provide sustainable assistance. The displaced were offered a relocation package to go back to their villages of origin.  These women, men and children’s lives were impacted greatly.  They are able to return to their villages of origin with healthy children who now had access to education and women who learned new skills to help them improve their social and economic well-being.

Below a site visit from the United Nations High Refugees Commission representative who announced new housing for the displaced. Women dancing to the great news!

Our Literacy Project

For the past two years Hear Congo has been working hand in hand with Alfalit International to develop  12 modules of literacy books  and one public health booklet for the DR Congo program. Alfalit International has been working around the world for the last 53 years. As an evidence of the partnership, Hear Congo and Alfalit International formed Alfalit DRC. Several educators donated their time and talents, Hear Congo worked with Congolese Minister of Education officials to ensure the text of the books and the Alfalit methodology were adequate to help solve illiteracy in DRC these books were approved  by the Ministry of education at the national level.

Below teachers learning the Alfalit methodology and girls in a class at RODE Katanga, our pilot project in Kasungami.