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Proudly UNITE to End Violence Project

Rebuilding the shattered lives of Congolese women & children.

Violence is a global pandemic affecting women and girls of all ages, races cultures, and social backgrounds with no boundaries and taking many forms from domestic violence, forced marriage, trafficking and rape as a weapon of war.  Women of the Democratic Republic of Congo have experienced the worse cases of sexual violence ever known in history. On their behalf and others around the world,  Hear Congo launched a Global Advocacy Project to say NO to violence against women and girls.  In support of the UNiTE Campaign to end violence against women and girls launched in 2008 by United  Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, Hear Congo initiated the “Proudly UNITE to End Violence Project”, a resolute collaboration forged by several organizations in the private sector that have aligned public entities and foundations in South Florida and abroad.

Proudly UNITE to End Violence in DRC

The goal is to raise awareness in our community about this humanitarian cause and to fund programs
whose mission is improving the lives of millions of women, girls, and families throughout the world  impacted by heartless and inhumane brutality and human trafficking.    

Proudly UNITE to End Violence Project  is working in partnership with the United Nations UNiTE Campaign to organize a series of events within the framework of the UN  Secretary General’s initiative.

Proudly UNITE to End Violence in DRC

“All of us- Men and women, soldiers and peacekeepers, citizens and leaders-have the responsibility  to help end violence against women” – UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon

Proudly UNITE to End Violence in DRCProudly UNITE to End Violence in DRC