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How Do We Do It?

Rebuilding the shattered lives of Congolese women & children.

Our approach is based on the concept of meaningful collaboration with the people of DR Congo and globally to achieve Hear Congo’s mission as well as support others who complement our objectives. Hear Congo local implementing partners are the cornerstone of its success. We rely on strong partnerships with Grassroots Congolese led organizations with shared mission, vision and values. Whether or not we identify the beneficiaries and develop projects, we work side by side with the Congolese who formulate and design the programs that we help them implement. Hear Congo provides financial technical support to the local partners through its network of local and international partners. Together, we are changing options for women and children in DR Congo.

The Justine Fund, BUKAVU, South Kivu

The Justine Fund is an initiative of Hear Congo in partnership with MSAADA, a local NGO in Bukavu assisting a vulnerable population with education, medical assistance and human rights, Through this project we are providing a seven month integrated program, which includes literacy, skills and job training, psychosocial therapy and leadership skills training, to empower and reintegrate vulnerable women including survivors of sexual violence back into society in Bukavu and surrounding villages. The Fund was created to honor a survivor of sexual violence who showed courage, integrity and selflessness to serve other women. Justine is the first beneficiary of the Justine Fund. Please read her story.

The Program

The program is launched with a cohort of 50 women who will begin a 3 month literacy program in Swahili and a vocational job training. Women will learn a job in Culinary Arts, Cosmetology, Craft or Sewing. Women who graduate from the Swahili literacy program are also encouraged to learn how to speak, read and write French with our partner Alfalit program. Literacy is essential, women are in a better position to acquire a job skill, Bukavu DRC.

Save Life- GOMA

Save Life is an organization founded in Goma by Mama Muliri Jeanne to assist survivors of sexual violence in Goma and Kitshanga. Save Life offers literacy, job skills training programs to assist women and girls become more independent economically. The foundation offers legal services to the survivors to bring their perpetrators to justice.  Women are not longer victims, they take charge of their lives and future.

Mama Muliri, founder of Save Life, conducting a workshop with women about sustainability. Goma, DRC

Alfalit DRC LUBUMBASHI, Katanga

Hear Congo worked closely with Alfalit International since 2010 to develop 12 modules of literacy and one public health booklet for the DR Congo program. Alfalit International has been working around the world for the last 53 years. As an evidence of the partnership, Hear Congo and Alfalit International formed Alfalit DRC. 

This fast paced literacy program will be offered to women in partnership with Alfalit DRC. The women will participate in a 12 module course where they will learn how to write, read and speak French as well as basic Mathematics. Women will be more prepared to participate in job training and other self-sustaining activities. In 2014, five centers have been opened in Lubumbashi serving 270 people mostly women and girls. Girls in the Tusadie 1 center learning the first phase of literacy program. Lubumbashi, DRC