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Rebuilding the shattered lives of Congolese women & children.

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Along with their founding partner ACT for Congo, a group of devoted Congolese created HOLD-DRC to address a variety of factors leading to the very low human development index rating for DR Congo.  Its first program used an integrated approach to empower and reinsert teen and single moms, survivors of sexual violence, into society. It was rolled out during the time that Goma was briefly occupied by M23.

A number of new camps were created to accommodate a new round of internally displaced HOLD1people from around Goma. HOLD saw an opportunity to train some of the young women as peer educators to address issues in the camps that were not being addressed by the larger international organizations.

Because they are a Congolese organization with a public health focus and a board and staff with years of experience in these topics, they were able to create an effective training team for teen moms.

children spaceWith few resources, they were able to deliver new information to target audiences in camps, who will then return to their villages with increased knowledge about health and rights. It was the first initiative of its kind. Since 2012, HOLD DRC has assisted more than 300 Teen Moms and their more than 500 children regain their dignity and social status through their programs.

Hold DRC is an implementing partner of Hear Congo in DRC. The baby room at the center while their teen moms are training in Culinary Arts and sewing classes offered at HOLD-DRC in Goma, DRC.