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Alfalit International

Rebuilding the shattered lives of Congolese women & children.


Hear Congo worked closely with Alfalit International since 2010 to develop 12 modules of literacy and one public health booklet for the DR Congo program. Alfalit International has been working around the world for the last 53 years. As an evidence of the partnership, Hear Congo and Alfalit International formed Alfalit DRC. 

Alfalit with Kari Fields in DRCAlfalit Program in DRC

This fast paced literacy program will be offered to women in partnership with Alfalit DRC. The women will participate in a 12 module course where they will learn how to write, read and speak French as well as basic Mathematics. Women will be more prepared to participate in job training and other self-sustaining activities. In 2014, five centers have been opened in Lubumbashi serving 270 people mostly women and girls. Girls in the Tusadie 1 center learning the first phase of literacy program. Lubumbashi, DRC

Alfalit Program in DRCAlfalit Program in DRC