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The Justine Fund

Rebuilding the shattered lives of Congolese women & children.

The Justine Fund is an initiative of Hear Congo in partnership with MSAADA, a local NGO in Bukavu assisting a vulnerable population with education, medical assistance and human rights, Through this project we are providing a seven month integrated program, which includes literacy, skills and job training, psychosocial therapy and leadership skills training, to empower and reintegrate vulnerable women including survivors of sexual violence back into society in Bukavu and surrounding villages. The Fund was created to honor a survivor of sexual violence who showed courage, integrity and selflessness to serve other women. Justine is the first beneficiary of the Justine Fund. Please read her story here.

Justine Fund DRC

The Program

The program is launched with a cohort of 50 women who will begin a 3 month literacy program in Swahili and a vocational job training. Women will learn a job in Culinary Arts, Cosmetology, Craft or Sewing. Women who graduate from the Swahili literacy program are also encouraged to learn how to speak, read and write French with our partner Alfalit program.

Justine Fund DRCJustine Fund DRC