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Hear Congo humble beginnings: our first distribution of school uniforms to 30 children a Site Kenya

The day we mark our first contribution to the community of displaced people in Lubumbashi. On a hot day in Lubumbashi, Monica Murphy-Ngoie Hear Congo Project Coordinator heads to Site Kenya to distribute uniforms, school supplies and shoes to the first 30 children we assisted. The following year Hear Congo assisted 37 more children. The ages were from 4 year old to 19. All of the children were unschooled and some were severely behind and could only attend technical schools, especially girls. Hear Congo negotiated with officials at a local school in Lubumbashi Matunda ya Kesho to assist the children with their special needs. A local privately owned school, Bambi tested and admitted 10 children into the program free of charge. Most of the mothers were given a small micro-loan to begin a trade activity to care for their families. The men were  assisted with jobs at different construction sites in partnership with few business leaders in Lubumbashi. With very little resources we joined efforts with local partners to make an impact in the lives of these displaced families.

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