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DRC November News Cheat Sheet


In political news, after two years of waiting, the DRC government has cleared the way for 69 children to join their adoptive families abroad. Meanwhile, on DRC soil, aid agencies search for long-term solutions for nearly 200,000 displaced people living in camps as three camps were closed in the North Kivu province last month. Furthermore, the United Nations Security Council called for the elimination of local and foreign armed groups while urging the immediate resumption of joint operations between the UN peacekeeping force’s Intervention Brigade and the national army. Finally, on Angolan soil, 187 DRC citizens were arrested under police operation Black Widow. The DRC citizens were detained for illegal entry and stay in the country.



In election news, Andre Alain Atundu stated that DRC elections, slated for next year, will have to be delayed up to four years claiming that a national census would need to be carried out to ensure the credibility of each vote. Confusingly, his colleagues have strongly refute this statement. Though, when it comes to DRC’s politics, some new players are joining the game. Despite the numerous hurdles in the way of women getting involved in politics in the DRC, Congolese women are defying the patriarchal system and starting to run for office.



In economic news, despite the freefall of mineral and gold prices, the DRC’s low-cost producers are going ahead with projects to boost production while the proposed EU regulation on trade in conflict minerals looks to help rid countries, like the DRC, of the ongoing problem of criminal organizations being funded through the mining industry. In banking news, Tigo Rwanda and Tigo DRC are launching a cross-border money transfer service between the two countries. Tigo Cash customers in Rwanda will now be able to send and receive money to and from Tigo Cash customers in the Congo and vice versa.



In entertainment news, the DRC government tried to silence Dr. Mukwege’s story by banning a documentary about him – now he is receiving a world renowned reward for his work. Meanwhile, photographer Brent Stirton dangerously captures an incredible moment of wildlife rangers carrying a dead silverback to a special burial site in the park HQ in Rumangabo. In lighter news, the national women’s football team, the Harambee Starlets, will be playing Kenya in the first round of qualifiers in Africa’s Women Cup this March. Finally, overseas, a movie theater in Harlem did a spotlight on Congolese cinema, for its seventh year in a row, with a series of films, exhibits, panel discussions and events centered on the DRC’s history, culture, and politics.

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