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Rebuilding the shattered lives of Congolese women & children.



There are several ways you can donate or contribute.

Credit Card Donations
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Check Donations
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Shitowa Foundation
PO Box 565752
Miami, FL 33265-5903


WOMEN: Justine Fund
Your donation can help make a world of difference in any of the areas for women.

$350 provides reconstructive surgery for rape survivors
$68.50 covers psychological care and community mediation sessions for one woman
$150 provides a gift for life literacy program for a woman who can teach another woman
$203.33 funds  a job skills training and an income generating opportunity for a woman to social and economic freedom
$45.50 pays for a housewarming kit to help a woman return home in dignity
$27.70 pays for a hygiene kit for good health and hygiene
$67.46 pays for a woman to attend leadership skills training

We are launching the Justine Fund with 100 women, you can help us reach our goal before the end of the year 2013


Your donation can change the life of a child

$1 provides two meals a day for one child in school
$12.95 covers a school supplies kit for a child
$18 pays for uniforms for a child for the entire year
$150 covers school tuition for a child in primary school
$250 covers school tuition for a child in secondary school
$40 covers treatment for 3 episodes of malaria and full childhood immunizations
$30 buys lifesaving IV antibiotics for a septic child

We are launching this program with 66 children whose mothers will be receiving medical care at St-Vincent Medical Center and will not be able to care for their families.

These women and children will be transforming agents in their community and YOU can help their vision become a reality.



A donation of any size is greatly appreciated and will be used in our most critical areas of need.


Talents, skills and time are all very precious possessions that you can share with us to enlighten the lives of those who have lost everything but Hope! So please contact us if you would like to volunteer. Opportunities are limitless.