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Rebuilding the shattered lives of Congolese women & children.

DRC November News Cheat Sheet

In political news, after two years of waiting, the DRC government has cleared the way for 69 children to join their adoptive families abroad. Meanwhile, on DRC soil, aid agencies search for long-term solutions for nearly 200,000 displaced people living in camps as three camps were closed in the North Kivu province last month. Furthermore, the United Nations Security Council called for the

Hear Congo October 2015 Roundup

From Zimbabwe all the way to Harlem, the DRC has received a lot of attention in the art world this past month. Photographer Richard Mosse currently has an exhibition showing landscapes and portraits from the DRC in pink and violet hues, altering perceptions and adding beauty to photos of conflict. “Mosse's work is simultaneously disturbing and thought-provoking, highlighting the preciousness of human life along with the sheer beauty of

Hear Congo’s September 2015 News Roundup

With the presidential election approaching, political news is, without a doubt, buzzing. At the beginning of the month, current President Joseph Kabila signed legislation to ensure that elections will stay true to the electoral calendar. This is particularly important since many have gotten the feeling that he is not exactly wanting to step down. This being said, people continue to have an unhopeful feeling concerning

Hear Congo’s August 2015 News Roundup

The month of August brought quite a bit of aid to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Last month, we wrote about how the province of Katanga is experiencing its worst measles epidemic since 2011. This month, MSF has reportedly vaccinated over 287,000 children in four provinces.  Although this is a great accomplishment, MSF points out that epidemics continue, and that they are most concerned with containing